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Start it @KBC

Proud to be one of the 64 startups that were selected for Start it @KBC out of 323 candidates 💪

Looking forward to meeting and learning from all the other entrepreneurs in the community!

Congrats also to all the other newly selected startups Ad Astra Industries Bestiola BikeLabs International Bodhi's Ice Cream Bright Energy Conneqtr Foodprepper Greenzy Haircycle Hearth Project Leadcamp MyMorpheus Succession NDV Ultrasonic Nova Sport PlayTreks Pulsify Medical razzledrinks SNEEZZ - Allergy management at your fingertips Scrada Sealution The Fittest You The Happy Healthy Kids Company Tipper Tropos AR Ugani Prosthetics Ventory Viva Brews Belgium WANIT Waldo Vintage Wequity Wiflex- Your cloud-based Wifi onboarder & more...


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